Bird’s Nest Cake

Bird’s nest cake is made from pieces of broken bird’s nest or grass nests from The Philippines, put together with edible glue. It is cheaper in price as it does not have the calyx shape of a bird’s nest and it has a lower nutritional content. This would be a cost-effective choice for those who consume bird’s nest regularly, such as mothers.

The dirtier cave feather nest or grass nest is made from the saliva of swiftlets mixed with brown feathers. After factory processing, the bird’s nest cakes made from these nests are priced cheaper. If the bird’s nest cake is made from high quality raw materials, its price would also be higher due to its higher quality.

Bird’s nest cake is cleaner and more convenient to those who do not wish to pick out the feathers. Top quality bird’s nest cakes are made from good quality bird’s nest strips, are natural white or ivory yellow in colour, and taste smooth. The shape of bird’s nest cakes generally seen in the market are round, oval, heart, rectangular, square etc. The shapes could normally be customized at the factories. Similar with bird’s nests, the taste and soaking time for cave nest cakes, grass nest cakes and house nest cakes are different.