Company Profile

GOLDEN SWIFT Enterprise is a Malaysian company dedicated to the research and development in the business of health care products, mainly bird’s nest, sea cucumber, Tongkat Ali, organic ginger and other traditional high-end health food.

In this modern fast-paced business environment, consumers are paying more attention to the issue of natural food. The general public is also beginning to realize the importance of health care products. Golden Swift Enterprise is established with the main purpose of bringing natural and original health foods to the general public, so that more people may enjoy genuinely natural health food.

Apart from focusing on product quality and customers’ needs, Golden Swift Enterprise also persists to develop health food with no chemical additives. Our mission is to produce “Natural Health Care Products”.

All our products go through strict quality control and we hold fast to the principle of “Natural and High Quality”. All processes, from collection to cleansing and packaging, strictly adhere to the certified specifications without the involvement of bleaching, adding preservatives, pigmentation and any other extra ingredients.

Golden Swift Enterprise always upholds the motto “natural, high quality, safety, integrity, mutual benefit” in our service to our customers. We also pay constant attention to our customers’ requests and demands to satisfy their needs.

Our price is reasonable and affordable, enabling everyone to enjoy natural and high quality health care products, and build good customer relationships at the same time.

Golden Swift Enterprise aspires to be the exporter and supplier of health care products in South East Asia and Malaysia. We have our own swiftlet house, professional teams in purchasing, management, sales and servicing. Apart from having a vast customer base in Malaysia, our company also exports health care products to a number of overseas countries.

Corporate Culture


  • Committed to building a trend for the natural health food industry, to create a main brand for the health industry, and raising awareness of the public on health and improving their quality of life.
  • Building a creative and challenging working environment and cultivate talents, aspiring to be an enterprise where people can achieve their dreams.
  • Committed to be a world class and socially responsible multinational enterprise through team effort.

Spirit of our Enterprise:

By upholding the motto “natural, high quality, safety, integrity, mutual benefit” in our business dealings, we strive to achieve healthy living, to pass on the culture of natural health food and to integrate the traditional healthy living culture and modern scientific standards into our production. We work hard to bring the country’s health food industry to the world and continue to promote industrial progress and development.

Service philosophy:

Our enterprise’s most important value is “Your satisfaction is what we always want”. We strive to create customer value through our high standards of service quality, to exceed customers’ expectations and let our customers be the spokesperson of our products.